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Obligatory, "got something to say?" post. Contact info is here.

List of notable entries and such on Kayashima's journal.


Permissions Meme
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[there is a small teenager tugging a huge cow by a rope around its neck, waving some hay for it to chase after. odd. but it has a purpose...]
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[...well. i have set the table. i guess i'll just sit here awkwardly waiting for zex to round up the shipmates.



Feb. 16th, 2009 08:34 pm
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Color will vary based on mood, but there's a fairly good list of base colors to work with here.

Really I'm looking for more like, 'has an extra soul,' or 'evil,' or what have you. Basically if there's anything strange, or if your character is exceptionally violent or kind or good with people or animals, or if they're trauma'd or... stuff. Anything noteworthy during your average psychic reading, really.


Current do not read list:
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Kayashima Taiki

Age: 16
Eyes: purple
Hair: purple/black

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Not without extensive OOC discussion. So basically: ping me, we can figure it out, if you want to. But I thiiiiink his abilities would go with him? Probably? We can fuck with it if necessary.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Uhm. If you want to? He will T_T at you.

Maim/Murder/Death: ........sure, actually. I think he'd be pretty alright with it. In the way that he'd T_T.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything! He's fairly blunt, though, so if he does have an opinion on it and chooses to speak, it may not be delicate. Also, he tends to go off on mystical-type tangents that I'm sure in his head, relate back to the topic. So. Kayashima is odd, but will listen to whatever you say.

Notes for the Psychics: I AM ALSO PSYCHIC. I read auras and communicate with/see spirits.

Notes for Magic Users: It's not a magical ability; it's innate, he doesn't need to spellcast or anything, sooooooo. If that makes a difference?

Physical traits: Tiny! I don't know if there's an official height, but he comes up to Nakatsu's shoulder and is generally the shortest one in group shots. Also sort of noodley, despite the fact that he's eating in half of his appearances.)

Abilities: See note for psychics.

Secrets: .....HIS ENTIRE LIFE uhm. I dunno.

PLEASE REPLY IN COMMENTS IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR AURA READ, otherwise Kayashima will likely offer unsolicited readings. IC PROTESTS WILL NOT BE REGARDED -- they all tell him not to do it and he does so anyway, so I'll only be refraining from psychic readings if people comment OOCly.

Thank you~
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Voting goes here, in with 96.3%.

Character: Kayashima Taiki
Series: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Character Age: 16-17

Canon: Hana Kimi follows the story of Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl from America who has a crush on a high jumper named Izumi Sano, a student at an all-boys high school in Japan. Mizuki is so taken with him that she disguises herself as a boy and internationally transfers to his school, Osaka Gakuen, where she finds herself surrounded by a vibrant and varied cast of characters, schoolboys with distinct personalities and intriguing backstories. Nearly every side character in Hana Kimi, no matter how small, gets some time in the spotlight, and Kayashimi Taiki is no different.

Introduced as Nakatsu's psychic roommate, Kayashima first shows up to do "aura reports" and take pictures of people with their ghostly ancestors. Although he likes to scare his dorm mates into thinking there are ghosts around them, he is generally a slight, quiet boy with a mild temperament and an affinity for yoga. He often shows off the positions he can get into, ignoring that the contortions freak out his friends. Friends, by the way, are a semi-new development for Kayashima. Teased for his abilities when he first arrived at school, Kayashima is a very loyal friend to Nakatsu, who defended him and cared about him when no one else did. More comfortable around others, these days he's deadpan and bluntly honest, confronting people with the truth as he sees it, sometimes offering unsolicited mysticisms and aura readings to do so.

He also dislikes the color purple.

Sample Post: Hmm, this place is just like the brochure said. A chocolate spring, an underwear tree... but I came to feel the aura of this place, and the best way to do that is to find where the spirits gather. The lake, maybe? If at all possible I'd like to meet this tentacle monster, I'm certain she has a powerful presence -- an aura in earth tones. Something consuming... speaking of, maybe I should bring a gift. What do tentacle monsters eat? Ships lost at sea, full of sailors with broken souls, little more than ghosts and monster themselves. Of course it's that, you can hear their spirits moaning from her belly when she rises from the water............ but I don't have any of those. Maybe she'd like some flowers? I think I saw some back in the woods.

Flowers must be the right choice, since the spirits of the forest are leading me. Honestly, I'm not crazy about their choice of anatomy to lead me by, but the flowers are pretty, even if they seem to be eating squirrels. Maybe the monster would like that sort of thing. If I pick a few, will I get bitten?

A rustling -- who's there? A dirty brown aura, they're hungry and insecure. You can come out, and maybe help me pick some flowers? I could use a second opinion. See, what do you think of these for a tentacle monster that eats sailors lost at sea? It looks like she's chewed on you a bit, too, are you alright? Dead counts as alright, it's just another state of being. But you know, with all that stumbling, I bet you could use a bit of alignment and balance training. I can teach you some yoga while I'm here. Turn and face me... with your face on straight, please. I think we can try the tree position. This one is tricky, but we'll give it a shot together. Take a deep breath and tuck your foot up just above your knee... it's cheating to take your foot off, for the record, there's no point in falling to pieces if you can't do the pose. Bend your leg, yes, just like that. Now bring your arms together and raise them above your head, stretching up as high and straight as you can.

Not bad for a beginner, really, and it's never too late to learn. You may already be dead, but I'm pretty sure the jocks in Dorm 1 have fewer brain cells, so don't let a post-mortem lifestyle discourage you from doing what you want. Now you practice, I just need to go free some sailor's souls -- I'll be back in an hour to see if you've made any progress.

And before you ask, the corpse pose doesn't count as exercise.


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